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Bridge Saws & CNC Machines

Bridge Saws and CNC Machines for the stone fabrication shops

Diamond Tool Store offers a variety of saws for cutting many types of applications. We offer Bridge Saws for cutting stone, granite, marble, porcelain, and any other types of slab. A Stone or Granite Bridge Saw is a very large saw that runs on beam or bridge, to ensures quality professional cuts. Designed to be used by Stone Fabrication Shop, the saw cuts down large slabs into smaller pieces to fabricate a kitchen or bathroom countertop. Often times a Slab Lifter and Forklift Boom is used to move the slab on and off the Bridge Saw Table.

The Rye Corp Husky Gantry Bridge Saw is one of our most popular Bridge Saws and comes with some amazing options and features. We also offer Medium and Smaller Bridge Saws for a less production and expense. If you are interested in safe, quality cutting and not ready for a large piece of equipment, please see our Rail Saw selection.

We also offer CNC Saws for shops looking to automate their process as mush as possible. The Monster 1 CNC Saw will be able to satisfy all your fabrication needs.

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