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Track Dumpers and Buggies

Track Dumpers and Buggies for moving, transporting, and dumping concrete and other construction materials

Track Dumpers and Buggies also known as a power buggy, concrete buggy.  Can be used to place concrete in smaller areas which cannot be accessed by concrete trucks. Concrete buggies can also be used for the transfer of Mortar, and Debris. The diamond tool store carries some of the most rugged and tough Concrete Buggies that provide durable and sturdy transportation. We offer a variety of options from pneumatic wheels to Steel Wheels to provide versatility for all of your transportation needs. Name brands include Imer Group, Bartell Global, Multiquip, and Whiteman.


A Concrete Power Buggy is a piece of construction equipment that helps to transport materials like concrete, soil, and gravel easily. It acts as an oversized and engine-driven wheelbarrow. These units are utilized when needing to move a substantial amount of material around your job sites.



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