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Stone Pro Diamond Impregnated Pads

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Stone Pro Diamond Impregnated Pads (DIP) is a 4 step process for polishing, restoring, and maintaining marble and travertine floors

Product Description: Easy to use 4-step process for polishing and maintaining marble and travertine floors. Our high concentration of quality diamonds enable our pads to renew the shine on marble and travertine floors where other pads fail. Available in 7", 17" & 20".


HONE - (400 grit) This pad removes most light scratches and leaves a flat matte finish.

STEP 1 - (800 grit) This pad allows for etch and light scratch removal. Just 4 to 6 passes with little water leaves a clean matte surface prepared for Step 2 in the polishing process.

STEP 2 - (1500 grit) This step begins the polishing process giving the floor superior color and initial luster. This step can be done wet to dry.

STEP 3 - (3500 grit) This step is the last step in the mechanical (abrasive) cleaning/polishing process. This pad is commonly used for daily, weekly or monthly maintenance depending on surface traffic. This step can be done wet or dry.

STEP 4 - (LUX) The LUX pad is a non-abrasive option to add an additional 5 to 10 points of gloss to most marble and travertine surfaces. This step is done with minimal water.


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Diamond Polishing Pads are typically used after grinding the floor with metal segments. Sealers are used to protect and guard the floor after refinishing or installing.