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RTC Smart Float System (4 Piece Kit)

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This universal grout float can be used with any grout, on any tile surface

The RTC Smart Float is truly the most economical way to purchase grout floats. Reuse the handle over and over again and simply replace the rubber pad when it wears down. You'll experience an overall savings of nearly 50% when compared to common grout floats.

This float allows for easy cleanup and works great on floors and walls.


  • 1 Smart Float Handle
  • 1 Red Rubber Pad (Hard)
  • 1 Gray Rubber Pad (Medium)
  • 1 White Rubber Pad (Soft)


  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Ergonomic Handle
  • Anti-abrasion rubber cuts grout clean to tile surface
  • Rubber float pad is easily replaceable
  • Different pads for different applications