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Quartz Polishing Package

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Quartz Polishing Package includes diamond polishing pads, sealer, cleaner, and glue all designed for quartz and engineered stone


Dia Plus Wet Polishing Pads for engineered stone and marble - (1) Set


  • Great polish for quartz, engineered stone, marble
  • High grade diamonds used to maximize performance
  • No residue just excellent finish
  • Flexible and Strong

Regular $13 x (7) $91

Dia Plus 3 Step Diamond Engineered Stone Polishing Pads - (1) Set

Dia Plus 3 Step Premium Pads are specially designed to leave on excellent polish on Engineered Stone. The engineered stone polishing pads leave a great finish and requires less steps and time. These diamond polishing disc are resin bonded white pads and trusted by many fabricators throughout the country.

3 Step white resin bonded polishing pad with high diamond concentration
Start with Step 1 for more coarse diamond polishing and finish with Step 3 for fine polish
Reduce work time with half the steps
Thicker than normal pads which will enhance the life for better results
The most advanced 3 step pad we have seen to date!
Made in Korea

Regular $18 x (3) $54

Quartz Knife Grade Optical White | Countertop Adhesive specially made to glue engineered stone

Quartz Color Match knife grade glue is a high quality polyester mastic adhesive used to vertically and horizontally repair, rebuild, glue, and fill quartz stone as well as granites and marbles. Quartz Color Match knife grade will cure shiny and is polishable. Quartz Color Match is recommended for interior use and not suitable for temperatures below 32°.

Regular $14.40

511 Quartz Counter Top Sealer


• Quartz
• Glazed Tile
• Polished Marble

• Grout
• Porcelain Tile
• Stucco

• Quarry Tile
• Polished Granite
• Slate

• Ceramic Tile
• Terrazzo
• Travertine


Regular $17

Stone Pro Cleaner specially designed to work on Quartz and other types of engineered stone

A Zero-VOC cleaner that keeps your quartz countertop surfaces clean and sanitized. It is safe for food preparation surfaces and leaves no streaks or build up.

Ideal for quartz, granite, marble, porcelain and tile surfaces.

   Regular $12.95

Backer Pad -4 Inch (1)Flexible and (1) Rigid

  • Hook and Loop
  • 4 Inch

  Retail - $26