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Granite Master 20

by Weha
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20 Bit Granite-Master Replacement Roller

The 20 Bit Granite-Master Replacement Roller is a tool in the bushhammering line of equipment designed to work in conjunction with other bushhammering texturing tools from Weha.

This 20 Bit Granite-Master Replacement Roller is designed to be used in conjunction with the following bushammering tool lines:

  • Granite-Master
  • F-Roller

F-Roller Bushhammering & Sandblasting Tools

The F-Roller bushhammering and sandblasting rollers can be placed on conventional tool holders form Frankfurt and operate with the parameters of mineral grinding materials.

Granite-Master Technical Information

Technical Specifics
Diameter 270 mm 300 mm 450 mm 450 mm
Rollers 4 6 9 12
Productivity m2/h Up To 9 Up To13 Up To20 Up To27
Tool life is according to the materials to be worked on.
The noise level is very low, compared to the other traditional tools.