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Granite Blades

Diamond Blades for cutting granite with a bridge saw, cnc, small saw, angle grinder, or walk behind

Granite is an igneous rock which contains 20-60% quartz. Granite is a very hard natural stone, which requires the right blades to properly cut the stone. Our blades use a high concentration of premium grade diamonds, the right bonds, different diamond grits, and a variety of other factors to make sure we have the right blade for cutting all types of granite.
The diamond tool store carries a variety of Granite Diamond Blades, with sizes for all your fabrication cutting needs. We offer Diamond Turbo Blades, Diamond Bridge Saw Blades, Rail Saw Blades, Multipurpose, and more for all your cutting needs. Some of our more popular blades include: Dia Plus Diamond Turbo Blade, Dia Plus Hercules II, and the Archon Blade.

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