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Carts and Dollies

Diamond Tool Store offers a full line of carts and dollies for moving stone, concrete, glass, panels, drywall, heavy equipment, appliances, backsplashes, garbage, and general purpose.

We have carts, dollies, trollies, buggies, transporters, transport racks, transport trucks, utility trucks, hand trucks, mop carts, and more. If you have a heavy stone or material to be moved we have the cart for you.

Our carts and dollies include names brands such as Aardwolf, Abaco, Jescraft, Omni Cubed, Groves, Achilli, and Weha. Name brands and top selling stone handling equipment such as the Slab Trolley, Quad Trolley, 4 Wheel Trolley, Load Master Trolley, Self Locking Dolly, Pro Cart, Glass Cart, Panel Cart, Platform Cart, and many more.

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