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Root Grapples perfect for hauling brush and lumber by Arrow Material Handling Solutions and Diamond Tool Store

The Root Grapple is an independent two cylinder grapple perfect for hauling brush and lumber. Constructed with Grade 50 Steel for increased durability, this grapple is ideal for debris removal, disaster clean-up, and land clearing. Available in two widths, both models feature cylinders with NitroSteel rods protected from damage by guards.



  • Available in 72′ and 84′ wide models
  • Height of 20.5″
  • The 72″ model has 9 tines, while the 84″ has 10 tines
  • Grapple opening of 35″
  • Every tine is constructed from one piece of high-grade steel
  • Open bottom allows dirt to fall through the tine spacing
  • NitroSteel rods resist corrosion, dents, and flakes
  • Teflon coated bushings keep the jaw hinge lubricated
  • Tine spacing provides the operator with excellent vision
  • Made in the USA


Product # 23072RUNG 23084RUNG
Width 72″ 84″
Depth 37″ 37″
Height 20.5″ 20.5″
Number of Tines 9 tines 10 tines
Space Between Tines 8.5″ 8.9″
Tine Thickness 0.5″ 0.5″
Grapple Arm Thickness 0.5″ 0.5″
Grapple Opening 35″ 35″
Approximate Weight 805 lb 850 lb
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