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Standard Turbo Diamond Grinding Cup Wheel

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The Standard Turbo Diamond Grinding Cup Wheel | Grinder Tool

Dia Plus grinding cup wheel is designed to remove material from granite, marble, and other materials. This segmented turbo cup wheel is made of quality diamonds and available in 4 different grits. The grits include extra course, course, medium, and fine. These cup wheels have you covered for all grit progressions.

Use this Dia-plus Maxima Turbo Cup wheel in a light weight aluminum body to decrease workers fatigue and increase productivity.

Available in 4" coarse for fast and efficient stock removal. Comes with 5/8"-11 thread attachment.

Comes in your choice of grit:

Specifications for the The Standard Turbo Diamond Grinding Cup Wheel - For Grinder Tool

Item# Size Grit Max RPM
DPATCW4C 4" Coarse 8000
DPATCW4M 4" Medium 8000
DPATCW4F 4" Fine 8000