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Pacific Floorcare S-24XM Disk Scrubber

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SKU: 855420
Finance as low as $/mo

S 24XM Disk Scrubber for cleaning and maintaining tile and marble floors

Unique tank and head combination delivers extreme maneuverability (XM) while increasing productivity

Many small and medium size facilities have both congested and wide open spaces. In the past, this required two machines, or worse, using manual methods in the congested areas. Not anymore. The S-24XM's smaller body combined with a 24-inch (610 mm) deck allows cleaning in both of these areas while increasing productivity over 20% verses 20-inch (510 mm) scrubbers. This machine's "get it done" features and options include:

  • Dual Down Pressure - powerful cleaning with 60 & 90 lb (27 & 41 kg) down pressure positions
  • 360 rotational rpm brush speed - over 60% faster than leading competition
  • BatteryShield - the first integrated automatic wet battery protection system
  • 155 AH Wet Batteries - delivers max run times approaching 4 hours
  • 63 dBA - clean on your schedule without disrupting others

If you need a flexible cleaning tool, the S-24XM is the scrubber for you. Not only will you maximize your coverage with one machine, the budget-friendly price will make it a high value for you and your operations.

See the Purpose Built® details for this Made in the USA product below - you'll be glad you did!