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Exakt Saw DC280

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DC280 Deep Cut Plunge Saw

The DC280 Deep Cut Plunge Saw is the "Big Brother" to the EC330. It's not as agile but it makes up for it in power and ease of use. The saw can be operated with one or two hands and the pluge guard makes it super safe to operate. The depth of cut is set in millimeter increments allowing the operator to "just cut thru" the material, great for working off a stack of sheet goods.

The 500watt motor and 1" depth of cut make it great for just about any job. We cut all the materials listed below and we did it dust free. The DC280, like all the Exakt tools, hooks up to any shop or home vacuum providing for a dust free cut. There is no more need to take the job outside, cut it in place dust free. The DC280 comes complete with a blade for wood and a blade for tile, a vacuum attachment and an edge guide, all packed in a handy, durable storage box.

Additional blades are available to cut aluminum, plastic and other woods.

Here's what we cut in our test:

Hardwood (rip and crosscut), Laminate Flooring, Ceramic Tile, Porcelean Tile, Hardi Board, Aluminum, Composite Decking, Concrete Block and Pavers. It cut them all with little to no effort, dust free!


  • Interchangeable Blades
  • Fully Enclosed Guard
  • Cutting depth to 14mm (1)
  • Single Hand Operation
  • Dust Free Cutting
  • Safer than Conventional Saws







Max Depth of Cut


Blade Diameter