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All Cut Diamond Blade Package Sale

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Package Sale on 14 Inch All Cut Diamond Blades For Cutting Concrete, Brick, Block, Asphalt, and More - 10 Pack

Diamond Tool Store offers their All Cut Diamond Saw Blade. The Concrete Diamond Blade is used for cutting construction material such as concrete, asphalt, brick, block, and more. The All Cut Blade is the perfect 14" concrete saw blade. It is not used just for cutting concrete, the All Cut Diamond Blade is just that, used for all types of construciton cutting. Double-laser-welded 10mm segments set on a 45 degree angle for a faster cut. Hard, medium and soft bonding agent segments alternate around blade core. The ideal blade for cutting pavers, granite, bluestone, slate, sandstone, limestone, old concrete, green concrete, imbedded rebar Drop segments for under-cut protection. Swirl pattern cooling-holes in blade core prevent overheating - extends blade life. The only blade you need on your saw, no matter what type of stone you are working with!

SMAR1412E 14 1" / 20mm 10mm N/A

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