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Tenax TeWax Paste Wax

por Tenax
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Tenax Wax for granite and marble | Available in black or white


PREMIUM GRADE WAX -Tewax is used to increase the polishing effect on onyxes, marble, natural stones, granite, agglomerates, terrazzo. Also it is used to brighten up a lost polish. The application may increase the polish from 5-6 to 15-16 points of gloss. This product is completely without solvents which contains trichloroethylene, that may cause dangerous irreversible effects to humans. Tenax solid wax is a result of special waxes melted through solvents that allow a high penetration level on treated material leading to a long-lasting effect.


Make sure surface is clean and completely dry. The presence of water, dust or dirty matter may affect the result. Spread Tewax uniformly on surface using a clean sponge or cloth. Let the wax completely dry and clean with a clean cloth. If wax is not dry it will not shine after removal. Remove any excess immediately. We suggest testing this on a small hidden area before use.

This product will treat approximately 215 - 323 sq. ft. depending on the porosity of the material.

**Please note that Air shipping will not be availabe with this item.