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Tenax Ager Color Enhancer

por Tenax
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Tenax Ager Stone Color Enhancer Sealer

Technical Details

  • Enhances color
  • Leaves a permanent wet look on stone surfaces
  • 1 Liter covers 160 - 180 square feet
  • Drying time is about 60 minutes
  • Water-repellent effect within 24 hours from application

Product Description

Tenax Ager Sealer is a resin based color enhancing stone sealer like no other. It brings out a fuller richer color on the stone, while hiding small scratches. It does not polish stone, but gives it the "wet" look, a great way to cheat when you are polishing hard to reach spots. Tenax Ager Sealer will also solve the problem of color matching between a polished surface previously resined and the lighter colored polished edge of the same material. Tenax ager is generally applied to sanded or smoothed surfaces to give a wet look. It can also be applied to polished surfaces color enhancer. Apply the Tenax Ager Sealer to marble, granite and stone of all types. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Tenax Ager Sealer is an excellent product for sealing all natural stone! The Ager will enhance and deepen the color of the stone. Once it dries, it will give your stone total protection against stains!

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