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Mal-Grit Scrub Brush

por Malish
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$90.61 - $344.97
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Mal-Grit Stripping Brush ideal for daily floor scrubbing and maintenance

MAL-GRIT™ brushes offer solutions to a wide range of cleaning situations. Silicone carbide impregnated nylon bristles are self-replenishing as brush wears, offering unmatched value that outlasts floor pads over 100 to 1! That translates directly into time and cost savings. Featuring our water and chemical resistant TUFF-BLOCK® for maximum life expectancy. All grit brushes must be run in a wet environment. Trim Length: 1-1/2".

MAL-GRIT SCRUB™ is ideal for daily scrubbing and maintenance. While the smaller diameter bristles offer flexibility, the larger grit size offers exceptional scrubbing.

Note: Clutch Plates and Risers are sold separately.

Part No. Block Type Diameter
773010 Wood 10"
813011 Plastic 11"
813012 Plastic 12"
813013 Plastic 13"
813014 Plastic 14"
813015 Plastic 15"
813016 Plastic 16"
813017 Plastic 17"
813018 Plastic 18"
813019 Plastic 19"
813020 Plastic 20"
813021 Plastic 21"