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CNC Wet Core Bit 1 3/8

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SKU: DNC01375

CNC Wet Core Bit 1 3/8

Alpha® introduces a Wet Core Drill Bit for CNC Machines and Radial Arm workstations. This Core Bit comes with a 1/2" Gas Thread, designed for the tool holder. The diamonds and matrix have been selected to minimize blow-out at the bottom of the stone, since most CNC Router fabrication is done upside-down. This new Core Bit utilizes the superior technology that has made the Alpha® Wet and Dry Core Bits the best in the industry.

  • Wet Core Drill Bit Designed for CNC Machines and Radial Arm Workstations
  • Comes with A 1/2" Gas Thread for Tool Holders
  • Diamonds and Matrix Minimize Blow-Out
  • Utilizes The Superior Technology

Part No. Diameter Maximum RPM Recommended For Threads
DNC01375 1-3/8" 2,000 Granite/Eng.Stone 1/2" Gas Thread