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Amigo S9 Air Polisher

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The Amigo S9 Air Polisher will begin shipping end of December.

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Top Selling Amigo Air Polisher S9 on sale! Designed or light-weight stone polishing

Amigo S9 Air Polisher is the most economical and functional air polisher on the market today. Operating on only 8 CFM of air pressure, Ergonomically designed to fit in your hand comfortably while working on those unique projects. The small design allows you easier maneuvering abilities and produce flawless sink rims and bowls.


Features S9 Air Polisher:

  • light-weight
  • ergonomic Design
  • Tough, durable and long lasting



Air Pressure Speed Grinding Wheel Spindle
6~7kg/cm2 (8cfm at 90psi) 4,500 rpm 3-1/8" 5/8 - 11 thread


Comes with

  • Side handle
  • Water hose
  • Oil
  • Wrench
  • 3 inch Backer Pad

This versatile pneumatic water polisher can be used for any hard or soft material and can easily profile sand stone to granite and everything in between.