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Abaco Self-Locking Trolley M2 (3 Wheel)

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Abaco Self-Locking Trolley M2 is a 3 wheel dolly for maneuving glass and stone slabs around the shop

Designed, with self-locking jaws, for maneuvering glass and stone slabs around the shop, warehouses or on work sites. The rubberized jaw and base protects slabs against chipping and scratching while transporting.
The self-locking jaws clamping strength is proportional to the weight of the slab, hence the heavier the slab the larger the clamping force.
The Dolly has 14" x 4" (350mm x 100mm) diameter pressurized wheels and a 5" (125mm) heavy duty swivel caster that increases stability and flexibility in narrow and rough surfaces


  • Durable & Convenient
  • Strong & Secure
  • Transport Easily