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Aardwolf Transport Frame Mod TF2440PC

por Aardwolf
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Aardwolf Transport Frame Mod TF2440PC

Flexibility, handiness and utility are outstanding features of the Transport Frame Mod TF2440PC. The storage, preservation and movement of slab materials in bulky sizes from site to site becomes easier than ever with the transport frame. In addition, the perfect combination of a forklift and a transport frame ensures that the transport process is done in the most secure manner.


  • Sturdy and safe structure, designed to eliminate any risk of the slab tipping over
  • Slabs are placed on special rubber profiles and secured with 8 adjustable locking bars
  • Eight locking bars per frame mounted in slotted holes on the bottom
  • Frame features 2 hooking points to be picked up by an overhead crane
  • Counter-lever handle with wheels, which allow the frame to be moved manually
  • Powder-coated finish
  • Built-in locking/release wheels
  • Turnbuckles enhance capacity to retain materials
  • Efficiently used with a crane because of the safety hooks
  • Powder-coated finish
  • Option: Frames can be hot galvanized finished upon request.


Number of wheels 4 -
Straps with each unit 4 -
Width of each side 320 12.6
Working load limit 1500 3307
Net weight 190 419
Gross weight 196 432
Packaging dimension 2450x1120x430 96.5x44x16.9

Aardwolf Transport Frames include:





1850 Aframe

2440 Aframe