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Blue Ripper / Rails Saws

Diamond Tool Store offers the Blue Ripper Rail Saw and other Rail Saws for cutting stone, granite, concrete, glass, and more

These rail saws run on a track or rail system to ensure straight and safe cutting. Rail Saws are the as precursor or alternative to larger Bridge Saw. If you have a smaller shop or need to make cuts on the job site a Rail Saw is perfect for you. Our Blue Ripper Saws is offered in both the Blue Ripper Sr. and Blue Ripper Junior. The Rail Saws are available in different horsepower and with different rail size options. The Miter Master is known in the industry for making perfect miter cuts every time. We also offer Blue Ripper Saw Package Deals including Fabrication Packages, Blades and Saws, Saws and Rails, and Blades, Saws, and Rails.

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